About Us

Pitbull Cult is a tattoo inspired clothing brand and a part of the famous Pitbull Tattoo Phuket, Thailand. Established in 2013 by 2 Italian brothers, Dario and Danilo. The Pitbull Tattoo Studio was a tremendous success so we expanded into an activewear and casual clothes brand.
Pitbull Cult tattoo clothing nurtures the culture of gym and tattoo through products that demonstrate toughness in both quality and design. All of the Pitbull Cult activewear and casual clothes are specially made to enhance the gym and tattoo lifestyles. Whether for men or women, for an active or casual day, our clothes are made to fit your way of living because our products are...


The slogan comes from our unique tattoo session for our clients at Pitbull Tattoo Phuket. The tattoo session involves a long hour and “multiple artists” at the same time on the same person. We called the customers, Warrior. The warrior often has one thing in common, they are tough and actively go to a gym. That’s the reason behind our tattoo clothing brand MADE FOR WARRIOR.